Cloudy Eyes In Aquarium Fish

Do you have a tank full of fish at home? If so, you probably know all about how to care for them properly. Fish are excellent choices for low-maintenance pets because they don’t need to be let outside, walked, or otherwise entertained.
You’ll never have to clean up a mess on the carpet or throw a ball for a fish. For these reasons, they are great if you don’t have a lot of time but want to care for a pet. It’s also fun to watch them swim around in their watery haunt.
However, fish do require some maintenance. You’ll need to make sure they get the right amount of food and keep the tank clean. Otherwise, overfeeding or an unclean tank can lead to serious health problems. One of these is cloudy eyes, a serious condition that will need immediate attention. Read on to learn more about cloudy eyes, how it affects the fish and what you can do about it.

What Is Cloudy Eyes Disease?

Cloudy eyes are when your fish’s eyes take on a milky color, like they have turned white. It may require you to look closely in order to notice. You should check your fish regularly for milky white eyes. This is one of the more common fish eye diseases.

What Causes It?

Cloudy eyes can be caused by a number of different conditions. Sometimes cloudy eyes is caused by a parasite, such as various types of protozoans. It can also be a symptoms of fish cataracts. However, the root of the different causes is usually poor environmental quality, such as dietary deficiencies or a low pH in the tank water.

How Does It Affect Your Fish?

Fish with cloudy eyes have trouble seeing. Oftentimes, cloudy eyes are a symptom of greater problems, such as environmental situations which can lead to other health problems. If cloudy eyes is left untreated it can result in poor overall health, vision problems and death.

Cloudy Eyes Treatment For Fish

How to treat cloudy eyes will depend on the cause, but a good way to start is to check the pH of the aquarium. If it’s less than neutral, you should take steps to correct this in order to ensure a healthy tank. There may also be dietary supplements and vitamins that you can add to the water to treat deficiencies, and we have cloudy eye treatment available that can get rid of parasites.