Learning More About Fin Rot

Taking care of an aquarium requires keeping the conditions of the tank just right. Regardless of care however, sometimes fish will catch a disease. More often then not, the disease will be Fin Rot. This fish disease is most often seen in aquariums, though it can infect fish in the wild as well if the conditions are right. Lets take a look at what Fin Rot is, including ways you can identify the symptoms, find treatments, and future techniques you can use to prevent Fin Rot all together.

How Is It Caused?

Fin rot is caused by bacterial growth along the fins or body of the fish. A fungal infection could also be responsible for this disease. If not treated immediately, this disease will eventually lead to the death of your fish. The bacteria themselves are usually brought about by poor water conditions in the tank. Although fin rot itself is not directly contagious, it may reoccur due to the environmental conditions in the tank.

Fin Rot Symptoms

There are many ways to tell if your fish have the symptoms associated with fin rot. Check the fin edges on the fish and see if they have turned black or brown. In addition, look to see if the fins have frayed at all. Bacterial growth can lead to this. Check the base of the fins as well. If they look inflamed there is a good chance that you are dealing with the disease. Finally, check the water to see if parts of the fin have rotted away and are floating on their own. If you see any of these characteristics your fish are in danger and you must act immediately to save their lives, and your tank. If you’re tired of your fish suffering from shredded, tattered fins, No Sick Fish medication can remove both the symptoms and the disease itself.

Fin Rot Treatment

The easiest thing you can do to treat fin rot is to change the water. This removes a lot of the bacteria and fungal growth from the water. Using approximately 1 tablespoon of salt per 5 gallons of water is another way to help purify the water and destroy the bacteria/fungus, but may cause harm to your fish. Another point is to make sure the PH level of the water is correct, as this can lead to fin rot.
When it comes to treating the fish directly, using the right fin rot medication is essential. Our proprietary medication will help remove Fin Rot in as little as a week from your tank.

How Can I Prevent Fin Rot?

The best way to prevent fin rot is to keep your water clean and make sure it is good quality. After that, ensuring constant water temperate is a great way to stave off the disease. Finally, be careful about the amount of food you are feeding your fish. Over feeding can help the bacteria grow. Good luck in protecting your fish!