Hole In The Head Disease

Owning exotic or rare breeds of fish are a lot of fun, and great to show off. For others, there has always been a specific kind of fish that they have wanted. An aquarium has its rewards, but also its challenges. Chief among these challenges is diseases and health care. Hole In The Head Disease is one such highly specific disease, mostly infecting Oscar Fish and other fish in the cichlid family. Like it or not, some fish are more susceptible to the disease than others.
If you believe your Oscar Fish, has contracted Hole in the Head disease, then read the guide below. We will get into its causes, symptoms, treatments, and prevention. It is considered one of the tropical fish diseases that affect fresh water fish. With our drops, your fish will be as good as new in a matter of days.

What Causes Hole In The Head Disease?

Hole in the Head disease doesn’t have to be fatal, and can in fact be treated if caught early enough. There can be many reason for your fish to get infected. Dirty and untreated water can be a main cause. But frequent variations in both temperature and PH level can also be a factor. Any number of things can stress the fish out, making their body more susceptible to Hole in the Head disease.

What Are The Symptoms of Hole in the Head disease?

The most obvious symptom of this disease is an indentation in the head. It starts out as a very small hole, no larger then a pinprick. There will always be two holes, one on opposite sides of the head. This has helped give Hole in the Head disease its name, as it looks like there is a hole going through the fishes’ head.

What Can You Do To Treat It?

Metronidazoline is one way for treating Hole in the Head disease. Unlike other medications, however it cannot be added to the water. Instead, the fish must ingest it. This means that you will have to grind up the medicine into the food and hope that your fish ingest it along with their food. We can however offer you a better solution. Our hole in the head treatment drops can be directly added to your tank without any side effects at all.

How Can I Prevent It?

Keep your ammonia and nitrate levels as close to zero as possible. Never allow your nitrate to get above 40 parts-per-million. It is also thought that an incorrect diet will cause Hole in the Head disease to occur. Finally, don’t immediately panic if you see holes in an Oscar Fish. First, make sure they are not sensory pits, but if they are, we’re here to help.