Powerful Solutions

The No Sick Fish solution is very powerful. It only takes one drop per 25 gallons. Treatments are usually successful after the first week of treatment. One bottle of medicine will treat approximately 350 gallons of water!

99.9% Reef Safe/ Invertebrate Safe

In the past when fish developed disease in reef tanks, it was very difficult to properly treat the sick fish. Chemicals could be used to treat the infections, but were not safe for reef tanks with live rock, corals, and invertebrates. In order to treat the fish, the fish needed to be removed from the tank and treated in a separate holding tank. This process was not perfect, but did work. Moving a sick fish is very stressful, and makes survival that much more difficult. Time is also an issue. Depending on the disease it may take up to six weeks to ensure your fish and tank are free of disease.
No Sick Fish recognized this problem, and worked very diligently to find a solution. We wanted to help eliminate the work and stress that can be associated with aquariums. 99.9% of the live reef is safe. There might be a rare instance when something might die. In all of our testing we have never had anything die, but we just never know. Our medicine is designed to be used in the show/display tank so you no longer have to quarantine sick fish.

Compatible with reef systems

No Sick Fish can be used with marine fish and invertebrates. No Sick Fish products have been tested and found to be safe in full reef aquariums. There is a side effect, but will not harm your aquarium. The growth of some soft corals and algae may be slowed. This effect is rarely noted, and if it were to occur, it is only during treatment and has no long-term effects on your aquarium. Treating with our products will not harm the biological filter in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. No Sick Fish products will not color the water and will not stain ornaments or silicone sealer. No Sick Fish will not affect your pH.

Disease-causing organisms are present in all aquariums

Any time a physical abrasion damages fish tissue, bacterial and fungal pathogens seize the opportunity to infect the fish. Shipping, netting, and poor care also weaken the fish’s immune system, permitting disease problems to occur. Skin and fin abrasions are an unavoidable part of fish keeping. Therefore the potential for disease problems occurs with every new fish arrival, whether it is at the hatchery, fish wholesaler, aquarium shop, or in the hobbyist’s aquarium.