Knowing More About Fish Ich

Fish Ich can cause havoc in your tank if left untreated. Having an aquarium is a fun way to bring fish into your house. However, as any fish owner would know, fish require a lot of upkeep. From a proper diet and rationed food amount, to specific conditions in temperature and water purity, a lot of things go into keeping your fish healthy.
This can become frustrating when you get Fish Ich. A well-known fish disease that effects both fresh and salt water aquariums, Fish Ich can do a lot of damage to your aquarium. The best way to stop your aquarium from getting it is to read up on it and know what you are dealing with.

So What is Fish Ich?

Fish Ich is one of the most common and persistent diseases any of your aquarium fish will suffer. The primary cause for Fish Ich comes from protozoa, known as Ichthyopthirius. Fish Ich is an ectoparasite, meaning that it will live on the exterior of the fish.

Identifying Fish Ich

Closely examine your fish. Look for tiny white nodules on the body. They will look like a grain of sugar or salt. In addition to the body, they can appear on the fins and gills. Every little white spot is a parasite.

How Does Fish Ich Spread?

Fish Ich Spreads when fishes with the parasite are introduced to water containing parasite free fish. The parasite spreads incredibly easy when fishes are swimming together in an aquarium. In addition, using water that contained contaminated fish for parasite free fish puts those fish at risk for getting Fish Ich.

What Will Happen To Fish With This Parasite?

A Number of different things can happen to fish with the parasite. It heavily damages any part of the body that it comes in contact with. In addition, the fish can produce excess mucous on its body where irritation from the parasite occurs. Fish Ich can also cause a rapid loss in condition, including considerable distress. Finally, if untreated, it has a 100% mortality rate for fish.

What Kinds of Problems Can It Cause in Fresh And Salt Water Aquariums? Is There Any Difference?

Regardless of its habitat, Fish Ich is the most common disease fish will face. Oftentimes, for salt water habitats Fish Ich will be combined with another disease called Amyloodinium, otherwise known as Velvet. The disease is slightly less common in fresh water. Regardless of the type of habitat, poor water conditions is what most often leads to Fish Ich. In addition, without treatment, the fish will die.