Directions For No Sick Fish Medicine Drops

Using No Sick Fish Medicine is quite simple. Dose your tank with 1 drop of medicine for every 25 gallons of water. Do this twice a day for a mininum of 7 days. If the disease is still present after 7 days, continue treatment until the disease is gone.
All filters (carbon/ceramics) phosphate reducers, protein skimmers, and U.V. must be removed. Refugium muds will decrease performance.
It is important that your fish are living in a healthy tank. If you need to run the protein skimmer for a few hours during treatment, this should not be a problem, but do so at your discretion. Ideally we want you to leave your filtration system shut down for 4 days after your dose of medicine.
Dosage Example: 125 gallon aquarium
Morning - 5 drops of medicine applied directly in to the aquarium water.
Night - 5 more drops applied to the tank.
Treatment must continue for 7 days. If conditions are still present after 7 days, continue to treat until symptoms are gone. If treatment has reached 21 days without improvement, the medicine may not be effective. Medicine will remain in water for 4-5 days after last dosage continue to keep filters out.
A very unnoticeable effect that may occur during treatment is possible. The growth of certain types of algae and some soft corals may be slowed. This may occur only during the treatment cycle, and will not have long-term effects on your aquarium environment.

Directions For Transit

Transit is designed for transporting fish. Depending on the size of the water bag that is holding your fish. Usually use 1 drop of medicine per fish bag. If you have larger fish bags use 2 drops.
Storage: Store at or below room temperature, preferably in a cool dark place. A refrigerator is a good place! (cupboard or closet) Do not expose to heat.
Caution: Avoid contact with skin or eyes. In the event that medication is spilled and contact is made, immediately flush with water for 2 minutes to avoid injury. If medication is taken internally drink 16oz. of water.