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The Quality Of Our Products

We have developed a very powerful solution that only requires a couple drops of solution a day into the aqaurium to control the parasites and bacteria that can often over take aqaurium life. We can provide you with a quick solution that will fit your needs and bring life back into your aquarium.
Superior Fish Disease Treatment is why we are in business. When NSF develops a product, there is both reason and logic in its formula. Every product has a purpose, and the reason for conception is to be better than the competition. It is not our plan to release thousands of sub-par products, and saturate the market. Before our customers even use a product, we want them to feel comfort knowing that it was developed with care and reason, and after they use the product we want them to be so excited that they feel the need to share the excitement with others around them.
Our mission at No Sick Fish is to be the premier fish treatment manufacturer focusing on using natural products to promote fish treatment. We use natural ingredients to develop superior products that meet and exceed customer expectations – we will not compromise on quality. In order to accomplish this objective, No Sick Fish strives to build lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.