Treating Marine Ich

Marine ich is a common parasite that affects saltwater fish. It has 4 common stages or forms and all 4 can exist within your tank at any time once it has been affected. The only way of treating marine ich is to treat your tank once it has been infected. Treating marine ich is a process and where you have to be deliberate with each step. Treatment takes time, but it is possible to rid your tank of the disease.

Traditional Ich Treatment

Before you can begin treating your tank, it is important to catch and quarantine all of your fish in a separate tank. You can then add a marine ich treatment solution to the quarantined tank for the fish. The treatment solution will work to lower the salinity level. It will take about one week for the parasite on the fish to approach the stage where it must fall off.
The parasite would normally drift to the bottom of the tank and anchor to reproduce. However, the low salinity level will make this impossible. This means that the parasite will be unable to reproduce and will die as a result. Do not put the fish back into the original tank after the first week. This would be a mistake and would simply infect the tank all over again. So what do you do with the infected tank with no fish? Treating ich is mostly about treating and cleaning the infected tank.

Treating Marine Ich In The Tank

Treating ich is not simply about treating the fish. You must also treat the tank that was infected by this parasite. This process is much easier than the process of treating the infected fish. Since there are no longer any fish in the infected tank, the marine ich parasite can’t attach to any fish. This means that it will continue growing to the adult stage, but it will eventually starve and die.
The Tormont stage of the marine ich parasite often takes about 28 days to complete. This means that you should leave your tank without fish for 6 weeks. It is important to remember that 28 days without fish is not enough time. 6 weeks without fish will give you plenty of time to kill the parasite entirely and will ensure that your tank is no longer infected. It is better to be safe instead of sorry. Now you can return your fish to the tank and be parasite free.

Best Marine Ich Treatment

A better solution is using Reef Safe Ich Treatment produced by No Sick Fish, which can be applied directly into the tank. Our fish medication will not have any side effects on any marine life in your tank. Of course it also works for fresh water tanks.