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No Sick Fish We have the best reef safe fish tank medicine on the market today. Don’t buy cheap imitations when your fish are sick, get No Sick Fish medication. With our high quality treatments you can get your tank back in shape in a matter of day’s. Here at No Sick Fish we have a comprehensive range of fish medicine to help keep your tanks and fish clear of disease and parasites.

All our aquarium supplies and fish treatments are easy to use, so there’s no need for hot water or solvents. Our fish medications are 100% safe for your fish when used at the recommended dosage.
No Sick Fish helped me out tremendously. I was having many problems with external bacteria. With in 2 days my tank was clean. It was very simple to use. I didn’t have to change my aquarium set up. Best thing that I have used on my tank in years. Their medication is worth its weight in gold.

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