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We have the best reef safe fish tank medicine on the market today. Don’t buy cheap imitations when your fish are sick, get No Sick Fish medication. With our high quality treatments you can get your tank back in shape in a matter of day’s. Here at No Sick Fish we have a comprehensive range of fish medicine to help keep your tanks and fish clear of disease and parasites.
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I wanted to let you know that I have tried the samples that you sent to our local reef club. I tried your product on two different reef tanks. By George, you got something there.

One tank had a low case of ich, and the fish fully recovered in a couple of days, with no signs of ich returning.

The other tank had a severe case and although a few fish were lost most recovered. I do see more algae in the one tank, but it had an algae problem before treatment. I want to thank you for giving me a chance to do this product test.

I will now assure you that this is the treatment we will be using at our local club. Nice product. Well done. Wish I saved a bottle for me, that’s how good it is!

My friend’s tank got ich when he moved. Lost 3 fish worth over $100 each. I brought back some No SICK FISH FROM IMAC for him. His remaining fish were not eating, covered in spots and lethargic. After the 2nd treatment his fish were more active and eating again. His anemone, starfish, crabs and shrimp were not affected by the medicine, nor were any coral. Tank is stocked with zoo’s, LPS, SPS, and softies. He treated his tank the day after we got back from IMAC and ich has not returned nor any ill effects from the medicine.

The solution is reef safe. That feature alone saved my tang. In the past I would have had to quarantine the sick fish. More than likely it would have died just from the move. No Sick Fish saved my entire tank from fungus. Not only did it treat my sick tangs, but it also treated and prevented the rest of my tank from a possible break out. Customer for life.

I have a 300 gal. reef tank and was fighting Ich on my regal tang for months/years. In the hospital tank and out, back and forth enough to drive me out of my mind. I just hated my tank! I got your product 13 weeks ago and in one day it was gone, but it slowly came back, so I ordered more and I retreated the tank when this happened. I have been Ich free since! This is the first time my tank has been free of ICH since I got my fish. Needless to say I am amazed and my live reef looks better than it ever had.

Next my friend had a fish with a small ulcer, he said it was going to die, so I told him about your website. In one week after the treatment was done, the ulcer was gone. You made me look good! Thanks!

I have been fighting all the fish issues for years, I was ready to throw the towel in! Sick fish, hospital tanks, catching fish, treating fish, dead fish………… I stopped at one of your test sites 9 months ago and they made arrangements to get me some of your medication. WOW! I could not believe my eyes, after one week of treatment in a tank with 3 different diseases, not to mention problems in several other tanks. Gone! Amazing! I had a pile of old medicines and threw them out after I restocked with your complete line up!

I could write a book on what you have saved me, not just money, but time, peace and mind.
Thank You!