Protecting Your Fish From External Bacteria

Owning an aquarium is great, but your fish do require a little care. For example, you’ll need to keep the tank free of algae, feed the fish on the right schedule, and treat any diseases if they should appear. Many of these diseases can be caused by external bacteria, which can enter the tank in a variety of ways and cause a whole host of health problems. Read on to learn more about external bacteria and how to protect your fish.

What Are They?

External bacteria can affect fish, just like they can affect humans. They can be caused by unclean conditions, such as a build-up of extra, uneaten food, dirty water, an elevated, or fluctuating pH levels, or changing temperatures in the water. They can also be introduced when new fish or ornamentals are introduced to a tank. If your fish are stressed by poor environmental conditions or through excessive handling, they become more susceptible to infection. Bacteria can cause any number of diseases, so it’s important to monitor your fish for any sign of abnormality.

How To Treat A Contaminated Tank From External Bacteria

If your fish are suffering from an infection, it is important to act fast and take immediate steps to treat the condition. Infections can be contagious, so it is important to treat them before all of your fish end up either sick, or dead. You can treat most infections with our antibiotic drops. Our treatment drops can be applied directly to the tank without harm to the other inhabitants.
Prevention is often the best medicine, you should also take steps to prevent infections before they occur. You can do this through maintenance steps like keeping the tank clean, monitoring the water temperature, and feeding the fish at the correct time, with the correct amount of food. If necessary, you could consider buying a book on tank maintenance. If you notice any abnormalities, act without delay. Otherwise, your fish could die.
Keeping fish as pets is easy, but like all living creatures, they do need a bit of help. If you put in just a little effort in order to keep them safe from external bacteria, they will live a happy and comfortable life.